Our Philosophy

Spirit Of Laggas

    LAGGAS — which means confidence, courage, fearlessness or “just do it” in Balinese — is the philosophy and spirit of our new restaurant. LAGGAS is owned and operated by the former staff of Fat Gajah and offers our customers many years of restaurant experience, including the artistic creation and execution of delectable dishes from an extensive repertoire of recipes. The LAGGAS team is confident that our guests will enjoy our fresh, delicious food and beverages and our high level of professional service.

    LAGGAS offers a wide variety of innovative, mouth-watering dishes, from satays to dumplings to noodles to everything in between, all made with our Chefs’ refined culinary sensibilities and determined attention. To complement our guests’ dining experience, LAGGAS offers fresh fruit juices, refreshing spritzers, a variety of beers and wines, and cocktails that range from ‘classics’ to our own balanced tropical combinations.

    With over 12 years experience working in the finest kitchens in Bali, our Chefs have participated in creating menus that proved widely popular with the public.  At LAGGAS, they continue that tradition of exploring new culinary horizons and expanding the concept of fine food.

    Whether you are visiting our restaurant simply for a cold drink or for a full-course meal with your family and friends, LAGGAS will provide a tantalizing dining experience in a comfortable, relaxed setting.  Come to LAGGAS and share in our culinary adventure, courage and confidence.


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